Hélio Chun

Front-End Developer

Hi! My name is Chun and I'm a Web Developer. I build and design fast...

Hi, my name is Hélio Chun and I'm a Front-end Web Developer.

I mostly live on the UI Development making the Web faster, prettier and more user friendly both for the eyes and for people to interact with.

Recently, I've been focusing on helping a free Open Source CMS platform for Q&A sites providing new code updates for inactive core plugins and developing sexier themes like this to keep the platform alive and up to date.

I love code and tech in general, even if I'm not working on my own projects I always find myself helping other people solve their code related problems, but I'm also an aspiring amateur videographer, artist, hip-hop dancer and a reformed Mechanic.

If you want to get in touch, try email or Twitter.