Front End Web Developer

Hi! My name is Hélio Chun also known by the name Gold Developer and I'm a Web Developer.

I build and design fast performance oriented things and concepts that look and feel good on the User Experience in hopes of making life easier and enjoyable for hundreds of people.

Skilled in:

HTML, CSS, CSS3, Responsive, Javascript, jQuery, SEO, UX, UX Researching, UI, WordPress, Blogger, Web Mastering and more.

Other skills: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Mechanics, Electronics.

Muffin Theme

Muffin is a Premium Material Design theme for the Open Source CMS, Question2Answer platform.

The theme is prepared for iPhones, Tablets, and Android devices.

September 6, 2017 See theme's page

Speed Vault Video Gallery

SVVG is a jQuery lazy load video gallery, that covers all of the main online video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and also HTML5 Videos.

The plugin is currently for sale on CodeCanyon, but will be moved here to the shop in the new feature.

March 23, 2017 See live demo

MPC - Artificial Intelligence Bot

MPC is a Narrow Artificial Intelligence bot I've been developing whenever I get bored, and it's now hosted on my TEDCSS Blogspot blog just for fun.

It can receive commands such as navigate through pages, search for terms, open blog posts, and much more just by using your voice.

It started as a form of testing resort, but it's becoming more and more complex each and every day. It was firstly designed in English, but now is fully Brazilean Portuguese because that's the Blog's main language in ther first place.

January 2017 See live demo

TEDCSS - Web Developing blog

TEDCSS is a personal blog I created a long time ago, to share CSS tricks and tips in Portuguese, that then started to approach a more overall topic, Web Development as a whole.

In February 2017 I upgraded its theme with a new whole Material design concept, although the blog itself has been haunted for a while, meaning I haven't posted there in a long time, but once in a while when I remember I write something random to post there.

Release date: 2015. Updated: February 2017 See live demo

Datzo - Video Blogger Template

Datzo is a Blogspot theme I developed, focusing on a video blogging/sharing type of layout.

2015 See live demo

Baine - Social Network

Baine was a social network I founded with the intention to connect Artists, Developers, Musicians, Producers, Creators... well, basically all sorts of creative and talented people, with the objective of sharing their creations, expand their network and help each other grow, evolve and get discovered. This project was discontinued.