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Muffin theme

Muffin (Q2A theme)

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What is Muffin?

Muffin is a carefully thought Material Design theme for the open source Question2Answer platform.
Question2Answer, or abbreviated Q2A, is a Content Management System that allows Webmasters to build Q&A communities, in which users can either ask or answer questions from other members of the community.

Carefully Thought

Every step of its development was carefully thought and perfected to improve the feels and needs for a better user experience.

Material Ready

The theme is compatible with version 1.7.5 and is also ready for the most recent version 1.8.0-beta1 that just got out.
No need to worry about Notifications and Badges plugins as these were styled within the actual theme to be Material ready. Fired up, ready to go!

Everything you could wish for a website, Muffin has it!

Fast, Elegant, User Friendly, Mobile Ready and more.

Live Demo: http://gdon.unaux.com/muffin
Demo user: Taylor
Password: 12345678

Version 1.0 Video
Version 2.2 video


29.99€ 29.99€
Muffin theme